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News & Events
Tasos is the new Jackpot champion!
15:19, 22nd Nov 2015
Tasos is the new Japanese Baseball champion!
15:18, 22nd Nov 2015
Tasos is the new Iceberg champion!
15:18, 22nd Nov 2015
Tasos is the new Girl Power champion!
15:17, 22nd Nov 2015
Tasos is the new Fly Shoot champion!
15:16, 22nd Nov 2015
Arcade Champions
1st Tasos with 95 awards.
2nd ataraxy with 88 awards.
3rd Drweldin with 1 awards.
Latest Scores
Tasos scored 12 playing Jackpot
Tasos scored 0 playing Japanese Baseball
Tasos scored 6 playing Iceberg
Tasos scored 5 playing Girl Power
Tasos scored 1 playing Fly Shoot
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